CROWLEYS’ BELT,Good Omens, Black Rattle Snake, Strange-loop Jewellery


This is the exact belt worn by David Tennant playing Crowley in GOOD OMENS by Neil Gaimen.

This is a bold statement piece. My greatest creation. The sculpture of the buckle was inspired by the Quetzalcoatl deity of Ancient Mexico. The leather belt body is snake shaped with embossed scales.
The Rattle Snake is the sibling of the Viper, both are Large Snake-Belts with different tails and colouring. The head is blackened brass, the eye solid black crystal. The body is flat black.

When worn traditionally it will fit waists from 71cm (28″) to 107cm (42″), and more holes can easily be added.

The Belt is 131cm (51.5″) long.

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