The Light : Fist

The Light



Street Style










The Light

L1 The Fist
L2 Cobra
L3 Medusa
L4 Red Pill Blue Pill
L5 Wolf Medallion
L6 Octopus
L7 Fools Gold in White
L8 Octopus in Ring
L9 Cat in White
L10 Buddha Beheaded
L11 Fools Gold in Gold
L12 Cat Beheaded
L13 Cat in Gold
L14 Wolf Harness in White
L15 Hands Earrings
L16 Cat Beheaded Earrings
L17 Cat Earrings
L18 Red Pill Blue Pill Earrings
L19 Fools Gold Earrings
ALSO AVAILABLE IS "The Dark", sculptures in Black and Turquoise, chains in black or gold, the blood is all black
MODEL: Devanie Gobir 
MAKEUP:Kaori Mitsuyasu
  Fist of Power, White with Opalescent Blood, on Silver plated chain